Fittings and Tubing: Tubing & HP Hoses & Nipples

Tubing - 304 SS - 1/4", 3/8", 9/16"

Please Call/Email to order Tubing (due to shipping issues).

Rods or sticks of high pressure tubing are sold in set 20' lengths, random full-stick lengths (averaging about 23' with final price determined after sticks are pulled for the order), and in custom lengths. 

There's an extra charge for Coning and Threading and a charge for Bending (bending requires a call and a drawing (we have a form for this.)

304 stainless steel is a little less expensive vs 316 stainless steel which is higher grade.  316 is commonly used for the whip and moving sections.

1/4" Tubing will be wound for standard shipping otherwise freight shipping charges will apply - you must agree to this.  Large quantities will require a crate (additional shipping charge).

Please call or email to get it in process!

This Item is not available to purchase online due to shipping requirements. Please contact customer service to order this item.