Cutting Head Parts and Assemblies: Orifices – Cutting with Abrasive

Orifice, P-IV (P4), Diamond, 60k , 87k , 90k, 94k psi

Precision-aligned Diamond Orifice for 60kpsi and robust enough for 94kpsi systems, at an exceptional price!  Designed with unique, precision properties rivalling any 94kpsi orifice but priced at a 60kpsi price. 

This is the option for the Paser IV (P-4) Diamond Assembly.

It is assembled using a durable mount and special retaining ring which holds the diamond in place better and longer than other styles, even under the extreme pressures of 94,000psi.  Special geometry used in cutting the jewel itself makes it optimized for efficient abrasive delivery/acceleration for fast, reliable cutting.

Try the best diamond orifice available for your Paser 4 cutting head.  (The only opportunity for improvement would be to use our Integrated Diamond cutting head, the IDE - the simplest-to-use head available.)

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