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Cutting Head Parts and Assemblies: Orifices & Nozzle Nuts - Cutting with Water Only


Orifice, LS-II, Tetracore

Orifice, LS-II, Tetracore

Tetracore Low Mass, Short Stem Orifice. Short stem, 0.125in, keeps it from sticking out past nozzle nut to keep it clean and keep water path clear. Special retaining mount keeps the tetraCOREâ„¢ gem in place longer, even through multiple cleanings (in ultrasonic cleaner). Tetracore material is hard and durable, helping it last despite harsh water and tough environments. Far outlasts sapphires. The Short Stem mount is ideal for applications with limited spacing. Call us for custom solutions to help cut in thinner strips or with more reliability. Use with the Low Mass Nozzle Nut #100039-1 (which has standard thread direction!). Multiple nozzle bodies are available to fit nearly any spacing. Standard nozzle body, for attachment to on/off valve is #100046-1. UPGRADE OPTION: Diamond version - LS-II - The H2O Jet diamonds are hand mounted for higher retention rates despite multiple cleanings and harsh environments, and, better stream alignment. The Integrated Diamond Nozzle Nut (IDNN) - diamond is mounted to the nozzle nut. Result is a longer stream and much faster change-outs. Please call if any special needs or sizes.
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