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Pump Parts: Intensifiers - Hydraulic & Shift Components


Intensifier Upgrade Kit , 60K, Convert to H2O Jet Hi-Load

Intensifier Upgrade Kit , 60K, Convert to H2O Jet Hi-Load

All the H2O Jet upgrades in 1 kit for 60,000psi Flow-style intensifiers:

  • Hi-Load Hydraulic Piston - has 3 bands for better stability protection highpressure seals.
  • Ceramic Plungers - 100% ceramic; no metal shoulders; 100% stable during thermal expansion. 
  • Check Valve Outlets - Experience the quieter, smoother performance from H2O Jet's dual-acting check valve upgrade; protects downstream components by providing smooth performance.

Includes related parts for complete intensifier overhaul: High Pressure Seal Kit, Check Valve Repair Kits (including outlet bodies); low pressure piston, seals, and plunger retainers. 

Upgrade and update the intensifier to experience the latest in designs and production technology. From H2O Jet.

302006-1 Replaces:
  • X_ref: 010281-1|20458812
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