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IDE-III, Dual Port

IDE III - The mixing chamber that changed the industry! This is the 1-piece body, diamond, mixing chamber that simplifies running a waterjet and reduces abrasive consumption. This version has 2 ports in the body - 1 port for abrasive feed, 1 port for vacuum assist or monitoring or just for convenience to abrasive feed line (if not using the Adjustable Nozzle Body). Last 2-digits are orifice size. For example, 0.010" would be 301329-2-10. See brochure in the literature download section. This mixing chamber/cutting head will fit any standard P-III style nozzle body connection. Available as a Kit with Short Stop Filter for diamond protection or without; using the filter to protect the diamond is required for warranty protection and is just highly recommended as protection for the diamond.
301329-2-XX replaces: