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IDE®, 60k or 94k, Dual Port

IDE®, 60k or 94k, Dual Port


H2O JET's tried and true Integral Diamond Eductor (IDE) cutting head, re-designed for Extreme Pressure (EP) and for mounting on a dynamic/tilting head!

This upgrade in cutting heads is the ultimate for a precision edge, efficiency in mixing the water and garnet, and long life.  It does well at 94,000psi and exceptionally well at 60,000psi.  As a single unit - mixing chamber, diamond, and body, it has perfect alignment from orifice through to the nozzle and is the simplest to use.

This is the best product to simplify using your waterjet. Long, maintenance-free performance.

Many sizes available; please specify orifice size when ordering (0.015" as "15" in place of "XX", for example.)

It is highly recommended that an inline high pressure filter be used to protect the diamond from foreign objects that may be in the cutting water (especially important after pump rebuilds); see the Short Stop Filter.

Abrasive nozzle shown for demonstration of use only - abrasive nozzle sold separately.

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