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Pump Parts: Intensifiers - Hydraulic & Shift Components

Hydraulic Seal Kit, 94k

Hydraulic Seal Kit, 94k


Seal kit for H2O Jet intensifiers or intensifiers where the 94k hydraulic piston has been updated to include the H2O Jet hydraulic biscuit/piston (it has 3 bands). 

This seal kit has all of the other low pressure o-rings and seals needed for the low pressure section - it excludes the rings for the Hi-Load/hydraulic piston which are in #392013-1.

Kit includes:

  • 1pc 400034-2       O-Ring Lubricant
  • 2pc 400043-012   O-Ring (Shift pin)
  • 2pc 400043-219   O-Ring, #219 (to manifold)
  • 2pc 400044-023   O-Ring for intensifier to shift manifold
  • 2pc 400047-012   O-Ring Backup
  • 2pc 400050-W-875-3     Rod Seal One-Pc
  • 2pc 400051-18     Rod T-Seal
  • 2pc 490043-248   O-Ring 5" End Bell
  • 2pc 490047-248   O-ring Backup 5" End Bell

To complete the rebuild of the low pressure section, seals/rings for the Hi-Load Piston are needed - kit #392013-1 .

The complete low pressure seal kit for intensifiers with the older, Flow-style piston, is kit 392007-1.

392007-3 Replaces:
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