Pump Parts: Intensifiers - Hydraulic & Shift Components

Hydraulic Seal Kit, 94k

Seal kit for H2O Jet intensifiers or intensifiers where the 94k hydraulic piston has been updated to include the H2O Jet hydraulic biscuit/piston (it has 3 bands). 

This seal kit has all of the other low pressure o-rings and seals needed for the low pressure section - it excludes the rings for the Hi-Load/hydraulic piston which are in #392013-1.

Kit includes:

  • 1pc 400034-2       O-Ring Lubricant
  • 2pc 400043-012   O-Ring (Shift pin)
  • 2pc 400043-219   O-Ring, #219 (to manifold)
  • 2pc 400044-023   O-Ring for intensifier to shift manifold
  • 2pc 400047-012   O-Ring Backup
  • 2pc 400050-W-875-3     Rod Seal One-Pc
  • 2pc 400051-18     Rod T-Seal
  • 2pc 490043-248   O-Ring 5" End Bell
  • 2pc 490047-248   O-ring Backup 5" End Bell

To complete the rebuild of the low pressure section, seals/rings for the Hi-Load Piston are needed - kit #392013-1 .

The complete low pressure seal kit for intensifiers with the older, Flow-style piston, is kit 392007-1.

392007-3 replaces: