Pump Parts: Hydraulic System - Except Intensifier

Assembly with Hydraulic Pressure Gauge for H2O Jet Pumps

Kit with hydraulic gauge, adapter, coupling, and bent hydraulic tubing for H2O Jet pumps.

Gauge is 5,000psi /1 Bar, Damped, #4 SAE in BACK.

Needed to indicate hydraulic pressure level which indicates water pressure. Also important for system diagnosis.


400059-4-45 Adapter, 45deg, #4 MSAEx#4 M JIC

400328-4  Coupling, #4F SAEx#4 F SAE, Straight

606050-5-P Rear Mount Gauge

620001-2 Hydraulic Tubing - Bulkhead to Gauge 1/4" with Nut


See 606050-5-P for just the gauge.

606050-5 replaces: