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Filters: Low Pressure and Hydraulic Filters

Filter Cartridge 0.45 Nominal, 3abs Micron, Pleated, 10"

Filter Cartridge 0.45 Nominal, 3abs Micron, Pleated, 10"


This 10-inch pleated filter element will last far longer than the non-pleated type due to the increased surface area.  It also has a much higher filtration efficiency, meaning fewer large particles escape through the media.  Together, the net effect is higher flow rate for a much longer time while providing significant improvement in filtration and reducing filter change frequency - three very important factors for running a waterjet!

Offering this filter is another way H2O Jet simplifies using your waterjet! 

10-in Long; 0.45 Micron; 3 absolute micron - high specification standard 

1) Better, more stable water supply volume

2) Cleaner water

3)  Reduced maintenance requirement


400023-1-45p Replaces:
  • X_ref: F300-P0100-0000|20460153|A-1449
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