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End Bell Bushings

End Bell Bushings are press-fit and therefore are difficult to replace.  They must be pressed into place.

  • End Bells for 40kpsi Intensifiers use Bushing 100020-2
  • Flow End Bells for 60kpsi, 87kpsi, 94kpsi use Bushing 100020-1

H2O Jet End Bells are marked with a Rev number:

H2O Jet 60,000psi:

  • Rev "A" through "J" (old models) use Bushing 100020-1
  • Rev "K" and later use Bushing 100020-4

H2O Jet 94,000psi:

  • Rev "A" and "B" use Bushing 100020-1
  • Rev "C" and above use Bushing 100020-4
    100020-1 replaces:

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