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Cutting Head Parts and Assemblies: Mixing Chambers & Inserts & Nozzle Retainers & Clamp Nuts

Edge Mixing Chamber, Abrasive Cutting Head

Edge Mixing Chamber, Abrasive Cutting Head


Cutting head mixing chamber that is inexpensive and has a small size for more versatility!

Body rotates to allow indexing to match abrasive inlet with direction to abrasive feed hose.

Uses inexpensive rubies - P-III (P3) mount #203501-xx - and one is included with the mixing chamber so please specify size needed (default is .010".)  Enables having a variety of orifice sizes for different cut widths (kerfs) at very low cost.

Abrasive nozzle shown for scale and as an example; it is not included at this low price!

301050-1-10 Replaces:
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