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Cutting Head Parts and Assemblies: Complete On/Off Cutting Head Assemblies

Cutting Head Assembly - HiPerf Valve, Adj P-III NozzleBdy, IDE, Abr Nozzle Tube

Cutting Head Assembly - HiPerf Valve, Adj P-III NozzleBdy, IDE, Abr Nozzle Tube


Complete cutting head assembly - some with in-line Short Stop Filter (SSF in part number) to protect the diamond and on/off valve.

Start with a complete assembly for the ultimate in performance -

- actuator has vented cap for reliable, long-term operation. Just remove and clean the cap filter periodically to extend actuator life. Actuator needs about 80ft lbs.

- on/off valve is designed for long performance but is also upgradeable to the "Extend-life" kit for about 2x performance (especially for those who cut with extreme on/off cycling).

- adjustable nozzle body allows indexing the mixing chamber to be aligned to direction of abrasive feeder for smoother garnet flow.

- IDE-III mixing chamber - the ultimate mixing chamber that uses less garnet and extends diamond life far longer, while providing a tighter stream for long projects. This mixing chamber has 1 abrasive inlet which will last longer than dual port version (i.e. This version has no port for pressure sensor / vacuum assist. 

Kit includes a standard, low cost, nozzle with our unique, proprietary design. Get back to focusing on cutting with the best cutting head assembly available with built-in diamond - this kit is IT.

Air Inlet is for 1/4" OD hose; 90degree elbow air hose adapter included.

Minimum water pressure with standard on/off valve kit is 12,000psi.

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