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Check Valve Repair Kit - 40k-60k-94k(87k)

Repair kits for Check Valve Assemblies.  Each Kit repairs 1 side of an intensifier.

  • Flow-Style/Old 40k & 60kpsi kits are for old/original Flow-style check valves
  • Bulk Qty - Old 40/60kpsi is a bulk buy of 100 of the old/original style kits
  • H2O Jet 40&60kpsi kits are for H2O Jet's upgraded version (H2O Jet intensifiers or other brands with upgraded outlet housing, sold separately).
  • Special EF 60kpsi  is ONLY for H2O Jet's special, large, Extreme Flow Intensifier
  • 94kpsi kit is for any brand of 94,000 psi (same as 87,000psi) intensifier
The New version is an upgrade which provides faster, smoother operation; it reduces downstream shocks from check valve operation.
302003-1 replaces: