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Pump Parts: Attenuators




Attenuator to provide water volume for more stable pressure signal. Weight requires shipment via freight. Directly compatible with Flow attenuators. Dimensions available on request. Due to their size and function (retaining a huge amount of water under extreme pressure), these are not repairable.

Crate charge may apply.

301025-5 is the 1L 60k version.  5in diameter; 29.1" length (body and end caps); 31.75" with studs on ends.  Has 3/8" female fitting on ends. 220#. Long life version made by H2O Jet using our special process.

391025-1 is the 1.044L (1.0L), 94k version, replacing 019579-2; it is 33.76" long (to ends of connections); 33.26" long, using nuts on ends; 7" diameter; and accepts 3/8" glands and collars (not included).  It weighs over 300 pounds so must ship freight.

Made in the USA to ASME standards for pressure vessels.  A standard providing a safer product.

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