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Abrasive Handling: Abrasive Feed


Anti-Backsplash Valve, Water Diverter, Water Deflector

Anti-Backsplash Valve, Water Diverter, Water Deflector

The Anti-Backsplash Valve diverts water away from the abrasive mini-hopper and includes adapters for most abrasive feed hose sizes.

Water will inevitably find it's way up the abrasive feed hose from the cutting head. This diverter keeps that water out of the mini-hopper.

Water going up the feed hose is caused by a leaking/worn-out on-off valve (if it happens when the valve is "off") or a worn-out mixing chamber in the cutting head (if it happens when the water is turned on, when water should be going out the nozzle) or by having the nozzle too close to the material being cut (back it off to at least 1/8").

Hard to believe some machines don't have this part!

Also called ABRA Line, Water Stopper, Anti-Backwash Valve

400352-1 Replaces:
  • X_ref: 5001-SN-1
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