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Abrasive Nozzles: H2O Jet/Flow-style & Plain - OD .281”


Abrasive Nozzle, Premium Grade, 0.281"OD

Abrasive Nozzle, Premium Grade, 0.281"OD

H2O Jet's PREMIUM GRADE abrasive nozzle, for pressures to 94,000psi, has all the benefits of the Standard Grade (like steep abrasive inlet) plus it is designed for longer, uninterrupted cutting time. This harder nozzle is more wear resistant to provide more consistent edge location and tighter tolerance over a longer time. This is a definite upgrade over the typical nozzle.  Also consider the 4" long version for a longer, more cohesive stream and longer operation, especially when combined with our Integrated Diamond cutting head (the IDE). Contact us for help getting the most out of your mixing tubes!
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