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87k/94k Intensifier Minor Rebuild Kit

87k/94k Intensifier Minor Rebuild Kit

This kit includes all the parts for a Minor Rebuild of the 87/94k intensifier - including the spring retainer.  A Minor Rebuild is the repair of the high pressure sections (both sides). Kit includes:

  • 2 HP Seal Cartridges #391094-1
  • 2 Check Valve Repair Kits - 1 for each side - #392003-2; includes spring retainers
  • Silver anti-seize #400001-3
  • Lapping paper (5 sheets 320 and 5 sheets 600 grit) #400026-320-5 and #400026-600-5
  • O-Ring lubricant #400034-2

Check valve outlet poppets are H2O Jet upgrades from Flow's older design; the H2O Jet parts are drop-in place replacements and are designed for improved water flow.

Please follow the step by step rebuild instructions or video!

392026-1 Replaces:
  • X_ref: 058033-1
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