Rebuild Services: Intensifiers

87k/94k Intensifier Rebuild Service

H2O Jet offers intensifier rebuild services, where we rebuild, restore, and return your intensifier. (This is not an exchange program.) Turnaround is usually a few days but let us know if it needs to be immediate.

Please call us to pre-arrange shipping us your intensifier (just the short block - the section after the shift manifold). We'll restore it to like-new performance by replacing hp seals, rebuilding the check valves with check valve rebuild kits, replacing all low pressure seals, and inspecting the entire unit. We will let you know if something more needs attention.  Upon completion, we will test it to be sure it performs.

We ask for 5 days to do the rebuild but can expedite it at no charge.  When you contact us, let us know if needed back quickly. When it's all complete, we will ship the same intensifier back to you. If you don't have a spare intensifier to run, check out our 391003-3-3 - flagship 94kpsi intensifier with upgraded hydraulic piston and check valve outlet poppet (or contact us for more information to see if we happen to have a refurbished model).

This Item is not available to purchase online due to shipping requirements. Please contact customer service to order this item.

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